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Tri-Ripped Box

My Tri-Ripped Review

Looking for the Official Site Instead? Click here to visit As you all know, I was on a mission to try and beat my best Ironman time and had decided to use the Tri-Ripped training plan by Ben Greenfield.

Tri-Ripped Box

My Journey With Tri-Ripped

Looking for the Official Site Instead? Click here to visit If you, like me, want to hear those four magical word “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” raise your hand. *raises hand* Trust me, you are not alone. So many wannabes


Ironman UK 2014

Below I will try and succinctly outline my experiences during the run up to and during the IMUK 2014 in which I beat my Personal Best!!! Friday Friday consisted of going to the Ironman UK Registration Tent at the Reebok (sorry


Cotswold 113

Hi there It’s been quite a while since my last post about the purchase of my new bike. I’ll keep this short but since my last post have been continuing my training towards the IMUK 2014 whilst fitting in a

Planet X N2A

Bike for Ironman UK 2014

I am really excited to report that I have recieved my new bike that I will be using to undertake the Ironman UK 2014. I have gone for the Planet X N2A Road Bike. Full description from the website below: The same


Tri-Ripped Recovery

Benefits of Recovery Before you say that recovery methods have been covered time and time again and you know everything there is to know about having your recovery shake right after a tough session you will read some stuff here



If you have read previous posts you will know that I am using the site as a memory jogger and dumping ground for articles, pics, advice etc and my own feedback as I progress to IMUK p2014. This post is