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I am current just ticking over with my training with the main aim of not gaining any weight through the xmas period. I am going out running a couple of times a week and participate in a local triathlon clubs swimming session once a week to refine my technique. I am actually without a bike at the moment as the back wheel on my bike has stopped turning (I wanted a new bike anyway so this has forced the issued). I will be providing updates on my pursuit of a new bike in the coming weeks.

Anyway, during my lunches at work I am trying to assess and define what training methodology I should be employing. I work from about 7:30am to about 6pm each day during the week and usually have some commitments during the weekend so time is at a premium for me. I’m sure a lot of people (especially with families) are in the same position and struggle to fit in the required hours that you are told are ‘needed’ to train for an Ironman Triathlon.

There are two articles of interest that I have come across over the last couple of weeks. One from the blog of a guy called Sami Inkinen, co-founder of a leading online real estate company Trulia and a triathlon world champion in his age group. His Secret Sauce is a very interesting read especially the onus on continuous improvement at every session and if this cannot be seen you need to rest up. I think that this could help me to put a lot more structure to my training with each session having a goal rather than going out for a ‘ride’ or a ‘run’. The other article is from, pro triathlete, Matt Lieto on the site. The article titled Skinny Jeans and Peanut Butter: A Guide to Surviving the Off Season is pretty much where I am at this moment in time. This is the reason that I have starting writing Iron Crab and if no one else choses to read it I will be able to review my previous seasons, assess where I want to be in 2014 and start planning accordingly. #3 is quite relevant for me and I have just the right pair of jeans for the job, the problem is I already need to lose weight to get into them!

Happy off-season


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