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As mentioned before. My road bike is not working at the moment which I think is down to the freewheel. I will get that fixed in the next couple of weeks but this has probably forced the issue that I need a new bike (don’t think my wife will agree with the need part). The problem is that the options are endless and I am by no means an expert in this field. However, before deciding on budget, frame material, frame size, chain sets, gearing etc etc etc, I will start with the key question; Tri or Road Bike?

Now it is time for my usual tactic of relying on a Google search to answer any of my questions;

After a quick search I quickly find a debate on a 220 Triathlon Forum which is specifically around the IMUK and its bike course (The course is changing for 2014 so I need to consider this when making my ultimate decision). The consensus seems to be strongly towards the TT / Tri Bike due to its added speed and the claim that it is “easier and better to run off a TT bike than a road bike” (I need to look more into this claim!) One of the key caveats, however, is that you need to be comfortable on the bike and be able to hold the aero position for long periods of time. I have put aero bars on my bike for the last two year so I have some experience of using them. Whether this is the same as using a TT bike itself I doubt very much.

It appears clear that the TT / Tri bike option is the one to go with if I want to improve my times next year. However, the one thing that I am still considering is how ‘social’ Tri bikes are and whether if I buy one will I still need a road bike for those sunny Sunday afternoon rides with my friends?

I will continue my search for the perfect bike and update as I progress.

Have a great weekend


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