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Today is the start of my training proper with the aim of completing the Ironman UK on July 20th 2014 in a much improved sub-13 hours. In previous posts I have spoken about my two previous successful attempts at completing the IMUK 2012 & 2013 in my FAQ and why I am so keen to really go for it this time around.

I have also discussed how I have tried different training plans in both years and have had a good look around and have decided that the training plan that I am following for Ironman Triathlon UK which is the which I have discussed at length in my previous post Route to IMUK 2014.

Monday I start on a new approach, new diet and new training regime in order to be the best I can be at the start line in July this year. I start with my shopping list for the week (which you can see at Pinterest), my training plan (found here) and a broken Bianchi Reparto Corse road bike which I have yet to get fixed. I am not too concerned about the bike as I am planning on getting a new one and I will be doing the majority of training indoors for the next couple of months.

There are an additional set of rules which is will be following which I have based upon a set of rules which form part or a local gyms 12 week challenge and my previous post Is it OK to be hungry?. These, which are shown below, will be followed strictly for 14 days and after this I will use them as a ‘rule of thumb’ throughout my training. Each week I will post a diary of my training, eating and thoughts during the week to help to continuously review my progress and act as a motivation for me to succeed. As mentioned beforehand if people chose to read and get any help at all that is all the better for me. Comments would be much appreciated to provide feedback (good or bad) or maybe bring up a discussion point.

Anyway I will be back next week after a hopefully productive week.

Happy training
I am doing the IMUK2014 for scope. Please sponsor me here at uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ironcrab

14 days of:

  • no Alcohol (this will be tough at the weekend),
  • no Carbonated Beverages (no too much of a problem),
  • avoiding fructose sugars (tree fruits, sauces, processed foods, vegetables) [it is avoid as I don’t think that I can completely cut these out]
  • no Fruit Juices,
  • no Caffeine (this will be the major challenge for me),
  • no ‘Bad’ Carbs (e.g. bread, pasta, white rice, white potatoes. These currently are the staple of my diet)
  • no ‘Cheat’ Meals (e.g. Sweets, Biscuits, Crisps, Fast Food, take-away or restaurant meals)

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