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Below is a summary of the first week of my Ironman UK Training following the Ben Greenfield Tri-Ripped training programme:

Weight: 15st 6lb / 216lb / 98kg
Hours Sleep: 7:37
Planned Training: Gym “Tri-Ripped – Warrior Body”
Actual Training: Gym “Tri-Ripped – Warrior Body”
4 sets of 10 reps of Pushups, Body Weight Squats, Narrow Grip Pushups, Standing Cable Rows, Reverse Lunges, ‘Little Bigs’, 100m indoor row
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
Even though I’m still a good 2 stones overweight I am happy as I am under the 16st 2lb that I was this time last year. I am aiming to get over 8 hours of sleep each night which I will try and force myself to go to bed earlier.  The gym session was a lot more difficult than I expected but maybe that is because I have not used the gym for the last couple of years. Nutrition was better than usual but a 40/31/29 of carbs, fat and protein is still a little too high on the carbs. Overall good first day.

Hours Sleep: 7:56
Planned Training: Swim T-test, Bike T20
Actual Training: Day Off
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
Better total hours sleep but this is due to being tired and having a lie-in rather than going to bed earlier. This cause me to miss my planned morning session and due to a panic at work I had to miss my evening session too. Nightmare! And it’s only day to. This prompted me to write my post on what to do whenthe shit hits the fan! Nutrition was a lot better with a 24/32/44 spilt of carb, fat and protein.

Hours Sleep: 8:12
Planned Training: Run T Test, Bike T Test (following yesterdays failed day)
Warm-up for 10 minutes, then maximum sustainable pace for 30 minutes. Record your average heart rate or power for the final 20 minutes of the 30 minute effort. This will be your “Lactate Threshold”, also known as your “Anaerobic Threshold”.
Actual Training: Bike T Test
Recorded the last 10 mins of effort (got it wrong) on the Wattbike. Avg Power 209W, Pk Power 276W, L%/R% 51/49, Cad 89 rpm, Cad pk 94rpm, Dist 6267 m, Avg HR 184
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
I forced myself to go to bed earlier which allowed me to get my 8 hours in and still fit in a Bike T Test before work. I messed up on the session and am not sure if I need to redo it as I have recorded the last 10 minutes instead of the last 20. I’ll post it on the Tri-Ripped forum and get an opinion or two. Nothing to base my results on but nice to have a benchmark to work to. Nutrition again a little high on the carb with a 30/35/35 carbs, fat and protein split. Really need to concentrate on my fat and protein intake.

Hours Sleep: 7:47
Planned Training: Gym “Tri-Ripped Fighting Cables”
Actual Training: Gym “Tri-Ripped Fighting Cables”
3 circuits x 12 Reps of Cable Straight Arm Pulldowns, Cable Chest Press, Cable Torso Twists per side, Cable Waterski Row, 500m max effort Row with 1:42, 1:45 & 1:43 500m times. Only 3 Circuit as Run T-test later in the day.
Run T Test
Warm-up run aerobically for 10 minutes, then accelerate to your maximum sustainable pace you can maintain with good form for 20 minutes. Record your average heart rate or speed for the final 10 minutes of the 20 minute effort. This will be your “Lactate Threshold”, also known as your “Anaerobic Threshold”.
Avg Pace 9:36 min/miles, Avg HR 165
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
Decent night sleep getting almost 8 hours in and a gym session in the morning too. This I cut short as I had a Run T-Test planned in the evening. I found the Run at night massively difficult. This is probably down to a number of reasons; I trained in the morning, didn’t fuel up beforehand and hadn’t run for 3 weeks prior. This is reflected in my results and I am seriously thinking that I need to re-test this next week when I am fresh as my HR is so much lower than it is on the bike and usually Z3 HR is less for the bike than it is for the run and in this instance it is not following the testing. Nutrition OK but due to the 2 session in the day I feel that I should have upped my carbs intake. The ratio was 28/38/34 carb, fats and protein.

Hours Sleep: 7:27
Planned Training: Day Off
Actual Training: Swim T Test
Warm-up swim for 200 meters, then completed 6x 100 meters at maximum sustainable pace that you can maintain with good form. Record your time for each 100 meter repeat in your logs. The average pace for each repeat is your “T-Pace”.
T-Pace = 2:00.2
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
Again decent amount of sleep even if slightly under the 8 hour mark this is much better than the 6 hours I am used to getting over the last couple of years when training. Today was supposed to be a rest day which I needed after struggling on the run. However, I decided to do the Swim T Test which I did keeping the reps to 6 rather than the recommended 10. My laps stayed pretty level and actually started speeding up as I went on so hopefully I will not have distorted the results too much. My result of 2mins/100m seem pretty reasonable (however, I now am amazed at the 1:10 split on the front of the trainingpeaks login page!). Carbs intake went through the roof as I felt tired from the previous days with a 52/27/20 split of carbs, fats and protein.

Hours Sleep: 8:15
Planned Training: Swim Recovery, Bike Recovery
Actual Training: Run Hill Sprints
Local Hill: 2x bottom to top (500m), 4 x halfway and 6 x 80m sprint
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com

Nice and early to bed on a Friday night allowed me to get a good nights sleep over 8 hours. Recovery was planned for today but I had organised with a couple of friends to do some hill sprints on Saturday mornings and I am going to continue this for at least 4-6 weeks. I really enjoyed the hills even though it was cold and raining I enjoyed the banter and competiveness of the morning. I also got the CR on Strava which I am pretty happy with! Back on track with the nutrition again 14/43/43 carb, fats, protein.

I am conscience that I am not updating with calories, if this is something you want to see just let me know.

Hours Sleep: 8:03
Planned Training: Run Recovery, Tri-Ripped Machine Muscle
Actual Training: Gym: “Tri-Ripped” Machine Muscle
4 circuits of 12 reps of Machine Chest Press, Machine Seated Row, Machine Shoulder Press, Assisted Pull-Up Narrow Grip, Machine Leg Press, Machine Leg Extension, Machine Leg Curls, Hanging Bent Leg Raises, 60 seconds max effort Bicycle
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
Last day of the training week. I get a good nights sleep in, feel great (very stiff and sore but in that good way that lets you know that you are improving!) and undertaken my final gym session of the week. I forwent the Run Recovery to meet a friend in Sheffield who is ready to have a baby. I am not too concerned about missing the session but maybe I have been as sore this (Monday) morning!!! Maintained 24/29/27 split of carbs, fat and protein and made really smart food choice even when eating out.

Although low in volume due to the testing element, this is the best first weeks training that I have had in preparing for an Ironman. I feel a great sense of motivation to train and feel confident about what I am doing as the Tri-Ripped programme really does take all of the guesswork out of it (you can find out more about it here). I will continue to provide these updates as they really help me to focus in on my training, nutrition and recovery. If some of the info in here is a waste of time or there is something that you really want to see let me know and I’ll incorporate the changes.

Hope you training is moving on nicely


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