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In case you don’t get to the bottom the page I am doing the Ironman UK 2014 for Scope. You can sponsor me at uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ironman

Well the fifth week of my following of the Ben Greenfield Tri-Ripped programme is complete. I had actually gained weight during the previous week which I’m hoping is due to a little muscle gain on my legs due to the intensity I am training at. I am continuing to adopt the low-carb diet as described in my previous post Paleo / Low Carb diet for Ironman UK Training and genuinely am feeling the benefit. I will not be tracking nutrition this week as I want to see if I can maintain smart food choices without being ‘aided’ by the myfitnesspal tracker on my iPhone.

I maintained the one session per day rule for 6 days out of 7 (I had to travel from my hills session to the gym and stopped at home for some lunch in-between sessions) whilst maintain a ‘recovery strategy’ as described in my article by a guy called Sami Inkinen (I will update this post this week!) Again, I feel that I am continuing to progress and as strange as it sounds I feel fitter now than I was at the start of the Ironman UK last year. However, my knee started to feel uncomfortable during hill running and has been swollen ever since (I will need to keep and my on this and will choose recovery wherever required).

Weight: 15st 3lb / 213lb / 97kg
Hours Sleep: 7:54
Planned Training: Tri-Ripped Workout : “Stability”
Actual Training:
– Tri-Ripped “Stability” – 4 circuits of 10 reps of Stability Ball Pushups, Stability Ball Squats,  Stability Ball Dumbbell Rows, Stability Ball Single Leg Squats, Stability Ball Knee-Ups, Stability Ball Leg Curls each with 100 Jumping Jacks.
– Run – 5.09 miles, Z3 HR, 9:14 min/miles.
I have not tracked my nutrition for the week as I want to see if I can make smart food choices throughout the week and will gauge my weight at the beginning of next week.

Today was good day following the principles of the Low-Carb Diet.

A good night’s sleep started the week off in the right fashion. I also managed to complete my first Stability Tri-Ripped session which I found a lot my difficult than I expected. The Stability Ball (or Swiss as I know it) really puts the focus on balance and puts the onus on your core. Flexibility also comes into play here and I find that I cannot get all of way down on the squat exercises which I think is due to tight hip flexors? If anyone has a comment or advise here it would be much appreciated. Run was a bit of catch-up from the weekend and I felt good the whole route. I’m happy with the average pace which is not going to get me to Kona but is steady away for me.

Anyway a good start to the week regards rest, training and perceived nutritional choices. One purchase I have made over the weekend and will be implementing is the habit of Drinking Casein Proteing Powder before bed, this aide’s fat loss and promotes muscle growth (or muscle recovery in my case). I have opted for the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard variety.

Hours Sleep: 8:16
Planned Training: Swim Workout: “Balance Two”, Bike Workout: “Muscular Endurance”
Actual Training:
– Indoor Rowing
2532m in 10 minutes.
Bike Workout: “Muscular Endurance”
Long muscular endurance intervals. Warm-up 10 minutes (with rower above), then perform 4 x 20 minute Zone 3 efforts, with short 4 minute Zone 2 recoveries between each.
Today was good day following the principles of the Low-Carb Diet .

Good nights sleep again and I can definitely feel the benefit. All being told it has been another good day of training incorporating my two session into one using the rower session as a warm up and utilizing the Wattbike to undertake the Muscular Endurance sets. The weeks training going well so far.

Hours Sleep: 7:57
Planned Training: Run – A-B-C’s
Warm-up for 10 minutes, 2-5 rounds of the following; 20 yards ‘A’s’ Marching, 20 yards ‘B’s’ Skipping, 20 yards ’C’s’ butt-kicks, 100 yards running at 85% with relaxed cadence.
Actual Training: Run – A-B-C’s
Training undertaken as planned.
Today was good day following the principles of the Low-Carb Diet .

Sleep time is good again, hopefully I can keep this up! For consecutive weeks now I continue to feel quicker when running. This was also shown in the previous days run as I usually average around the 10 min/mile mark for Z3.

Hours Sleep: 8:06
Planned Training: Bike workout: “Hill Strength”, Swim Workout: “Force Play”
Actual Training:
– Bike Workout 2: “Hill Strength”
Warm-up well, then climb 8 x 4 minute hills at a steady but slow pace, with a slow cadence of 55-70, focusing on strength and force application. This is like a strength training workout, not a sprint. Full, easy recovery spin “downhill” after each hill repeat, done on the WattBike.
– Swimming Coach Drill Sessions
1 hour coached sessions with warm up, drills (leg kick, swordfish, paddles) and 300m repeats with 20 secs rest completed totaling 2,350m in total
Today was good day following the principles of the Low-Carb Diet .

Sleep was were it should be again by going to bed earlier than usual. As last week I didn’t complete my training to programme I undertook the training that I had planned to undertake and I am still trying to work out an alternative to TrainingPeaks without having to pay out the extortionate (in my opinion) price of the TP premium package.

I have been asked what equipment I use at the Swimming Drills sessions. I use Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Fins, Ankle Strap and Hand Paddles that call all the found here.

Hours Sleep: 7:16
Planned Training: Day Off
Actual Training:
Day Off
Today was a day of two halves. I had a good “day” following the principles of the Low-Carb Diet but during the night a went out for a couple of pints to watch the Rugby League (Huddersfield beating Wigan L) and ate a subway (footlong Steak and Cheese with all the trimmings before getting a taxi home.

First day of the week that I have not been at or around the 8 hour mark. However, I am still quite pleased with this as I made myself go home early from a night out and made myself get up early to go hill running in the morning. All in all I think that this is a decent compromise.

Hours Sleep: 7:10
Planned Training: Run Workout: “Lydiard Hills”, Tri-Ripped Workout: “Fighting Cables 2”
Actual Training:
– Run Workout: “Hills”
Running up a local hill in wigan (Plantation Gates if you know the area). 2 x bottom to top (circa 1min each), 4 x part way up (circa 25secs each), 6 x sprints (circa 10 secs each). I have done these now for the last 4 or 5 weeks and have improved every week. The only downside to this week is that my left knee gave out on the sprints and immediately swollen up afterwards.
– Tri-Ripped Workout : “Fighting Cables 2”
Completed the following exercises circuits 4 times through for 12 reps; Cable Lat Pulldowns, Cable Flies, Med Ball Woodchopper per side, Cable Single Arm Row per side and 500m max effort Row

Again during the “day” my diet was really good. I did however to go another 30th Birthday Party in the evening (driving and not drinking again I might add!) which involved a ‘carbathon’ of a buffet with pies, pasties, sandwiches, sausage rolls, pasta etc in abundance. Again, I am pretty please that I didn’t drink so will call it a win.

I have done the hills now for the last 4 or 5 weeks and have improved every week. The only downside to this week is that my left knee gave out on the sprints and immediately swollen up afterwards. I was still able to complete my Tri-Ripped session but decided that I would take Sunday, and maybe Monday off to let my knee settle down as even the usually effective Voltarol Gel didn’t seem to get the swelling down.

Hours Sleep: 7:30
Planned Training: Tri-Ripped Machine Muscle
Actual Training: Day Off
Today was my official “Cheat Day” as prescribed in the Low-Carb Diet and I ate and drank whatever I wanted during the day.

Not really too much to say again on Sunday. As the weeks progress I expect this day to be one of the busiest but I really like the structure of the Tri-Ripped Training Programme as I am feeling feel of energy and actually faster and feel that I am on track for a PB at the Ironman UK 2014.

All told I am happy with another good week of training, again volume is lower than you would expect when training for an Ironman; I trained for a total of 6 hours again this with the continued increased intensity.

Summarising the week, I have followed the training from the above Ben Greenfield training plan (only missing the Sunday session) whilst maintaining the ‘one-session’ per day rule by combining the Tri-Ripped weight sessions with running and biking where possible. [One thing of note that I have just picked up on is that that TrainingPeak plan as dropped one of the Bike sessions that is actually within the Training Manual; I will need to keep an eye on this and forces this issue that I need to sort an alternative method of planning my sessions].

As ever, I will continue to provide these updates as they really help me to focus in on my training, nutrition and recovery. If some of the info in here is a waste of time or there is something that you really want to see let me know and I’ll incorporate the changes.

All the best

I am doing the Ironman UK 2014 for Scope. You can sponsor me at uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ironman


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