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Well the fourth week of my following of the Ben Greenfield Tri-Ripped programme is complete. I have lost weight this week even after going off the rails a little last Saturday due to family social occasions with a house warming on Friday and 30th birthday and a wedding on Saturday. I am carrying on to adopt the low-carb diet as described in my previous post Paleo / Low Carb diet for Ironman UK Training and genuinely am feeling the benefit. I have been re-looking at one of my first posts which summarized an article by a guy called Sami Inkinen (I am going to update this post in the near future to add more to it.) The main points that I took from the article are: 1 – he only ever trains once per day and 2 – he rests up when he is tired. I am going to try and concentrate on implementing this strategy during the week. This will be achieved by combining the Tri-Ripped sessions with ‘Tri-Sport’ sessions and count them as one (i.e. on 30 min session and one 60 min session combined into one 90 min session).

Weight: 15st 1lb / 211lb / 96kg
Hours Sleep: 7:40
Planned Training: Gym “Tri-Ripped – Warrior Body”
Actual Training:
Bike – 90 mins on the Turbo at Z2
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
6 hours sleep is just not enough and you will see through the week that this is a common theme and has definitely had a negative impact on my training when I reflect back. I decided to complete a 90 minute Turbo session in Z2 whilst watching Boyz in the Hood on my iPad, this was due mainly to playing catch up from missing a longer bike session over the weekend. I find the turbo mind numbingly boring but the quality of the session is much improved from being outside at this time of year especially whilst maintaining a specific cadence and heart rate. Nutrition for the day is 33/30/37 Carbs/Fat/Protein which is slightly higher on the carbs than I’d like it to be in my attempt to follow the Low-Carb Diet                         .

Hours Sleep: 7:23
Planned Training: Swim, Bike
Actual Training:
– Tri-Ripped “Warrior body” – 4 circuits of 15 each of pushups, bodyweight squats, narrow pushups, standing cable rows, reverse lunges, little bigs and a 500m maximum row
– Bike “Skills and Force” – 1 hour (10min w/up, 10x 60secs high cadence:60 secs slow, 5 x 4 mins ‘climb’ cadence 50-60rpm:4 mins spin)
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
Again sleep is down on the on my target. I need to start forcing myself to go to bed earlier. All being told it has been another good day of training incorporating my two session into one in the gym utilizing the Wattbike to undertake the Skills and Force sets. Nutritional ratio of 27/28/45 Carbs/Fat/Protein is pretty decent again. I’m hoping to start losing weight on the scales but I can definitely see the change in my body appearance building muscle and losing fat on my gut so I cannot get too excited about the scales at the moment.

Hours Sleep: 7:22
Planned Training: Run – A-B-C’s
Warm-up for 10 minutes, 2-5 rounds of the following; 20 yards ‘A’s’ Marching, 20 yards ‘B’s’ Skipping, 20 yards ’C’s’ butt-kicks, 100 yards running at 85% with relaxed cadence.
Actual Training: Run – A-B-C’s
Training undertaken as planned. I have definitely got the spring back in my step (if I ever had one) as completing these with the leg weights and the hill running.
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
Sleep time is still lower than my target but is a lot higher than it has been in previous months. As with last week I continue to feel quicker when running and I am now feeling no stiffness in my legs even though I am training harder. The training plan progress next week so maybe it is time to step it up a little. Nutrition was split 29/22/49 which is a lot better of ration and is more aligned to what I am looking to do.

NB- one thing that could be attributed to less stiffness in my legs is the use of Voltarol Gel and Tablets(I am not a doctor!!) which I have been using after sessions and have really helped with the pain in my knees.

Hours Sleep: 8:14
Planned Training: Gym “Tri-Ripped Fighting Cables”
Actual Training: Swimming Coach Drill Sessions
1 hour coached sessions with warm up, drills (leg kick, swordfish, paddles) and 300m repeats with 20 secs rest completed totaling 2,500m in total
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
Sleep was were it should be by going to bed earlier than usual. Even though I didn’t complete my training to programme I undertook the training that I had planned due to undertake as mentioned last week my weekly coaching session has been moved to Thursday night.

One point here is that I cannot plan my session within TrainingPeaks without paying for the premium which is quite expensive. Therefore I may ditch TrainingPeaks for another method (runkeeper, strava, outlook…) I will update when I have chosen the method but I do like the daily email I receive from TrainingPeaks every morning to remind me of what I should be doing for the day but if I cannot tailor for a revised plan it is time to change.

My nutrition ratio was a lot better again today with the ratio of 48/10/42 carb, fats and protein Sweet Potatoes contributing to the biggest amount of carbs pre-swimming.

Hours Sleep: 7:18
Planned Training: Day Off
Actual Training:
Tri-Ripped “Machine Muscle” – 4 x circuits of 15 reps each of Machine Chest Press, Machine Seated Row, Machine Shoulder Press, Assisted Narrow Grip Pull-up, Machine Leg Press, Machine Leg Extention, Machine Leg Curls, Hanging Bent Leg Raises with 60 secs max bike at the end of each circuit.
I did not track my nutrition on Friday, partly because of ill-discipline on my part and partly due to the fact that I am now confident enough that I can make the smart food choices without have my iPhone track it for me. I will track from time to time as a litmus test when I feel the need.
Just over 7 hours of sleep again still below the mark. Today was planned to be a day off but I decided to ‘catch-up’ on my Tri-Ripped sessions as I knew that I was going to a 30th Birthday party on Saturday night and Sunday was going to be right off as I also had a social event planned. I continued to day without tracking of making smarter food choices following the principles of the the Low-Carb Diet .

Hours Sleep: 9:13
Planned Training: Swim, Bike
Actual Training:Bike “high spin” – 1 hour 90+ RPM cadence in Z3.
Can be found here http://www.myfitnesspal.com
Nice long sleep today as I allowed myself to have a lie-in as my friends had all pulled out of my planned morning hill session. I instead opted to stay indoors due to horrendous weather and wanted to focus my efforts on improving my bike leg. Nutrition was 24/42/34 carb, fats, protein which is impressive as I ate out twice during the day and had a good few (8) pints on the night at a 30th birthday. This gives me the confidence now that I am making the right food choices and will ultimately start to lose the weight and improve performance.

Hours Sleep: 7:10
Planned Training: Run, Tri-Ripped Machine Muscle
Actual Training: Day Off
I did not track food today.
Not much to say on the day I had a complete day of rest from training and had my ‘cheat’ day as prescribed in the  Low-Carb Diet that I am following.

Another great week of training, again volume is lower than you would expect when training for an Ironman (I trained for a total of 6 hours) but there is a much increased intensity than I am used to and the hours start to pick up from next week onwards. Again you can find out more about Tri-Ripped Training Programme here. Summarising the week, I have followed the training from the above Ben Greenfield training plan whilst maintaining the ‘one-session’ per day rule by combining the Tri-Ripped weight sessions with running and biking where possible. Going into next week the volume of training is set to increase with the gym sessions starting to focus on the development of my core. I am to find the best way for automating, recording and reviewing my plan and progress without having to buy the expensive TrainingPeaks premium account.

I will continue to provide these updates as they really help me to focus in on my training, nutrition and recovery. If some of the info in here is a waste of time or there is something that you really want to see let me know and I’ll incorporate the changes.

All the best

I am doing the IMUK2014 for Scope. You can sponsor me at uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ironman


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