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I have completed four-Ironman Triathlons to date... since having our first child two years ago I have not training at all and gained about 14 lbs in weight. It is time for me to become an ironman again... time to get off the couch.

About IronCrab
I have played sport for the majority of my life playing at a professional level up until 2008 when I retired due to work commitments. At this point I ballooned from about 210lbs to 230lb in no time at all without changing too much else in my lifestyle...
Blog Updates
Part of what motivated me to complete my first couple Ironman Triathlon 5 or so years ago was blogging my experience. It didn't matter that no one was reading it motivates me by being accountable each and every week...
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I'm not expecting anyone to be reading, let alone contributing or looking for advice on here. But if on the off chance you are; you can find us at most of the usual places... you can find the links at the bottom of the site pages...
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