You Need to Train Hard and but RECOVER Harder!
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About IronCrab
Part of what motivated me to complete my first couple Ironman Triathlon 5 or so years ago was blogging my experience. It didn't matter that no one was reading it motivates me by being accountable each and every week...
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My Tri-Ripped Review
As you all know, I was on a mission to try and beat my best Ironman time and had decided to use the Tri-Ripped training plan by Ben Greenfield.

Tri-Ripped is exactly what it sound like; a TRIathlon plan with the aim of getting you RIPPED!

Like any other products and services on the market, there were bound to be ‘scammy’, crap products. Weeding through these was key, and ultimately this is how I found Tri-Ripped.
My Journey With Tri-Ripped
If you, like me, want to hear those four magical word “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” raise your hand.

*raises hand*

Trust me, you are not alone. So many wannabes – myself included – wish they could make their way down the Magic Carpet and complete an Ironman Triathlon whether the goal is to beat a personal best time or to simply finish.

Tri-Ripped Ironman UK Training Programme Week 10
Below is the summary of my 10th week of following the Ben Greenfield Tri-Ripped programme whilst following the Paleo / Slow Carb diet for Ironman UK Training.
Weight: 15st 0lb / 210lb / 95kg
Hours Sleep: 6:41
Planned Training: Swim 1 (Indoor Row), Bike 1 (Mile Repeats)
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