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Part of what motivated me to complete my first couple Ironman Triathlon 5 or so years ago was blogging my experience. It didn't matter that no one was reading it motivates me by being accountable each and every week...
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My Journey With Tri-Ripped
If you, like me, want to hear those four magical word “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” raise your hand.

*raises hand*

Trust me, you are not alone. So many wannabes – myself included – wish they could make their way down the Magic Carpet and complete an Ironman Triathlon whether the goal is to beat a personal best time or to simply finish.

Having grown up with a ‘contact’ sport background; Rugby, Football, Wrestling… I am not blessed with the body suited for an endurance athlete.

As a teen and young adult I moved into Professional Rugby in which I spend a lot of time in the gym ‘bulking’ up. After retiring from the sport I continued to ‘bulk’ up but not in the good way!

Upon training and completing my first two Ironman Triathlons but continuing to be out of shape, I figured it was time to do something about it.

Usually when I make a decision I dive head first without any forethought. Since this was my body, I knew I had to unearth a little patience and really look into my options.

I considered various training plans and coaching options but besides being out of my price range and from the sounds of it, incredibly time consuming, I wanted to try a more flexible route.

There are literally hundreds of training plans out there that claim to be flexible in your pursuit of Ironman glory. Some of them are a little unorthodox, like using indoor rowing. I watched a YouTube video on one guy from the States who used a certain very basic plan that I could have written myself which he was charge over $400’s (£240) for.

In a turn of events I came across a guy called Ben Greenfield as I was looking for Health and Fitness type Podcasts to listen to and decided to check out his site. Ben has a number of products associated with Health and Fitness (a load of product actually) and a range associated with triathlon and specifically Ironman Triathlon training.

I was quickly drawn to the Tri-Ripped training plan as it specifically mentioned that it was designed with Rugby players in mind. Now, at this point, there was no way to prove that this actually plan worked, but the Before and After shots looked pretty convincing.

From what I read, it took nine months to get those results, I only had seven months before my Ironman Triathlon. One thing that is great about Ben Greenfield is his accessibility. His website is covered in FAQ’s and forums which cover most topics. If you do have any specific needs, like myself, you can fire Ben and email and expect a detailed response.

*My specific Solution was to reduce the 9 months by 8 weeks by jumping straight to the second months of phases 2-4. This will make sense if you decide to purchase and follow the plan.*

Another draw from the Tri-Ripped training plan was that as a bonus not only was your training spelled out in the detailed yet flexible fashion, your nutrition and supplementation plan is also covered taking a lot of the guess work out that I had been doing over previous couple of years.

Check back as I share my personal experience in the pursuit of Ironman glory and my own Tri-Ripped review with you.

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