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Part of what motivated me to complete my first couple Ironman Triathlon 5 or so years ago was blogging my experience. It didn't matter that no one was reading it motivates me by being accountable each and every week...
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My Tri-Ripped Review
As you all know, I was on a mission to try and beat my best Ironman time and had decided to use the Tri-Ripped training plan by Ben Greenfield.

Tri-Ripped is exactly what it sound like; a TRIathlon plan with the aim of getting you RIPPED!

Like any other products and services on the market, there were bound to be ‘scammy’, crap products. Weeding through these was key, and ultimately this is how I found Tri-Ripped.

What is Tri-Ripped?
In the words of Ben Greenfield himself…

“Tri-Ripped is an 8 month triathlon training program that I designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced triathletes to train for Sprint to Ironman distance triathlon. It relies on the principles I just taught you.

The goal of Tri-Ripped is for you to be able to avoid the “skinny-fat” or “fit-but-fat” look that endurance training causes, and instead to have a sexy body with lean muscle that looks and performs fantastic.

In other words, as you just learned, there is no reason that you can’t swim, bike and run fast – and have the ultimate triathlon body.”

How Does It Work?
The Tri-Ripped programme is based around training for a triathlon without getting the “skinny-fat” look stating that “You can swim, bike and run fast – and still have an amazing body” providing are 5 steps to get you there:

1. LIFT RIGHT: a style of lifting that is neglected among endurance athletes, but a long-kept tradition of the bodybuilding industry: “hypertrophy” style training. With hypertrophy training, you can add and define lean muscle very quickly choosing full body, functional exercises while scattering in just enough explosive and heavy weightlifting to keep your muscles extremely functional and fast.

2. EAT RIGHT: if you’re trying to be fast at triathlon and also have an amazing body, you should eat a diet comprised of a high amount of healthy fats, add in moderate helpings of natural protein to keep amino acids elevated for your muscles and brain, and top it off with strategically timed carbohydrate doses when they really matter, such as before or after your exercise sessions.

3. TRAIN RIGHT: Long, slow aerobic training completely nullify any attempts to add lean muscle or get a nice, defined body, but it also depletes hormones, causes overtraining syndrome, and takes away precious time from family, career and other hobbies. Instead, for the triathlete who wants to avoid the skinny-fat look and get an amazing, muscular body, the training plan should incorporate strategically targeted high-intensity bursts of energy, a moderate amount of slightly longer “tempo” work, and finally, a low amount of long aerobic training strategically saving long rides, runs or swims for times when they are completely necessary and crucial to the program.

4. SUPPLEMENT RIGHT: Extra help comes in the form of completely legal sports nutrition supplementation like digestive enzymes, fish oil, vitamin D, greens supplements, magnesium and Chinese adaptogenic herbs. If you are pushing your body beyond it’s natural tendencies, then even in a situation where your diet is perfect, supplementation is a must if you want to be fast and also have an amazing body.

5. LIVE RIGHT: These are just a few of the little lifestyle tweaks that you can make, but they’re incredibly important if you want to add muscle and athleticism while getting the body of your dreams and still being fast for triathlon.

Tri-Ripped is an eight month programme which aligns very well with the timescales that I had to train for the IMUK 2014. However, as mentioned in my previous post this timescale is very flexible and when you get into the plan you can see that this is as Tri-Ripped is as much a lifestyle change as much as anything else.

What I Liked About Tri-Ripped
I bet you’re dying to hear how this plan worked from me, considering this is a Tri-Ripped review after all.

Well, I’m dying to tell you, so listen up!

First of all, I loved the results I got from using Tri-Ripped. In 7 months training, I lost a total of 21lbs which included putting muscle on whilst beating my Ironman PB on a course which the Pro’s described as 30 minutes slower than the previous year.

I really appreciated the flexibility of the plan as I was constantly tweaking and changing my weekly plans due to my working life demands but found that I could fit the required training within the week.

Additionally, I also like that the plan is fully compatible with Training Peaks in which I set up emails to be sent at 00:01 every morning so I knew what training I had to be during the day upon arising.

What I Didn’t Like About Tri-Ripped
There is really only one thing I didn’t like so much about this product; two-a-day training.

This is a personal preference for me as I really struggle to fit this into my busy 45+ hour working week. I did find a fix around this by combining the two sessions into one where possible. For example, Tri-Ripped gym session following by the Watt Bike or a Run from the gym around the local park.

Other than the two-a-day sessions, this plan was great.

So, would I suggest using this training plan for anyone who is aiming to complete or compete in an Ironman triathlon whilst maintain a good physique? Definitely!

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